OPG Property Management was founded in 2012 and is managed by enthusiastic, financially minded entrepreneurs. OPG Property specialises in maximizing our clients’ cost savings and apply our well-honed negotiation skills to ensure that our clients get the best deal possible. OPG Property offers their specialised services throughout South Africa with industry specialists waiting for your call. OPG Property’s head office is situated in Pretoria East with regional hubs in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

OPG Property understands and has mastered the fundamentals of property management as we have undergone extensive experimentation within our own property portfolio to identify the key concerns that present itself with facility management and leasing of any building. Over and above the management of our own property portfolio, which comprises over 10 000 sq across South Africa, we also manage and facilitate 75 000sq office and industrial space for our clients
– a number that is growing daily.




At OPG Property we strive to offer our clients fully specked buildings that are both innovative and energy efficient. With the help of our internal architects and the fully qualified support team of the OPG Group, we cater for any need or requirement that our clients might have. OPG has partnered with a vast variety of private property owners and property funds that will jump at the opportunity to offer a turnkey service for OPG’s clients.


Making use of Property Brokers can be a tedious job as the industry is motivated by achieving the highest rentals so that they can optimize their commissions. At OPG Property we are driven by cost savings – we will find your ideal property within your geographical area and requirements provided and ensure that you get the best possible rates.

OPG Property has access to all the listed property funds’ databases as well as numerous privately-owned property company listings to ensure that we can obtain the most suitable buildings at the best rates.

OPG also identifies through their group of subsidiaries potential areas that can bring forth value to the building in order to use as negotiating tools when the rentals are discussed. We also offer shop fitting services at very competitive costs to bring down costs.


OPG Property has direct access to numerous property websites so we can offer our clients a selection of both industrial and commercial buildings throughout South Africa. We do not fix our commission structure as we would rather pass the saving on to our client through either energy saving solutions, shop fitting, etc.  This can be discussed and negotiated to best meet your expectations as our client.


OPG property offers a fully functional property management service to our clients and our model is built to ensure both cost savings and property enhancements. Our unique management system can be discussed in further detail upon request.

  Our service includes:

  • Centre management
  • Leasing and tenant mixes
  • Redevelopment
  • Facility management
  • Marketing service
  • Cost analysis and management
  • Billing, data capturing